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Here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you

#1629 Dollhousebot

A robot in the form of a traditional dollhouse. It has six rooms: an entrance hall with stairs in the middle, a dining room (or possibly kitchen) on the left, with a bedroom above that and, on the opposite side, a living room with a bathroom above it. Because of the angle, you can't make out all the pieces of furniture in each room, but there are visible doors between rooms, some pictures on the walls, a fireplace in the living room, a free-standing tub in the bathroom, a toilet, etc. etc. The roof of the house is pitched on all four sides with a flat top which isn't visible. There are two dormers, and the robot's smiling face is positioned between these. The front of the house comes in two hinged sections which split the double front door in what is, most likely, a departure from standard dollhouse design. Four rectangular windows are positioned the front section. The robot has banded legs on the underside, banded arms on the sides and is holding open the hinged sections.

A robot in the form of a house that is scaled for very, very small people, or facsimiles thereof.

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