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#1732 Barkerbot

A full-clour, painted style picture of a traditional carnival at night in a meadow of long grass. A big top is surrounded by several other tents, a carousel is on one side and a Ferris wheel rises up behind them. Strings of yellow lights run between each attraction, and the whole thing is lit with a dim glow. In the foreground stands a round robot with jointed arms. It's doffing a top hat with one hand and gesturing with a bent cane in the other. Its face is made up in the manner of a grotesque clown: it has ranks of dirty, yellowed teeth bared in a rictus grin surrounded by dark red lips that are dripping slightly down its chin, and its eyes have black crosses painted across them.

Come one, come all, to the Robot Carnival! Wonders to amaze you, amazements to terrify you, terrors to bring unforgettable dreams that will keep you awake night after night after night! Tickets half price; only half a soul per soul...

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