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Here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you

#1790 Christmasyettocomebot

A scene of a dark, snowy graveyard, with a church in the background and several stark trees surrounding it. Scroogebot is on its knees, looking terrified before a gravestone, while behind it is a shrouded, hooded robot (?) whose tattered robes are being stirred by the wind. It is holding out one hand and pointing to the grave, and its hand is robotic, but segmented and pale so it resembles a skeletal claw. Within its hood, all is dark, except for two pale, staring eyes.

The Spiritbot stood among the graves, and pointed down to One. Scroogebot advanced towards it trembling. The Phantombot was exactly as it had been, but it dreaded that it saw new meaning in its solemn shape. #ABotmasCarol

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