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Here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you

#1831 Orcabot

An image mimicking the famous poster from the 1993 family film 'Free Willy', where the titular orca (killer whale) is leaping out of the water over the human protagonist as he stands on a sea wall composed of heaped stones. In this case, both boy and orca are robots - the former is a spherical robot with banded arms and legs and an antenna, holding up one arm and tilting back, smiling in exultation, while the latter looks like an orca. It has a banded tail, two hinged flippers on either side, a mouth filled with sharp teeth and a pointed dorsal fin. Like an orca, its body is patterned black and white.

Not to be confused with Orcbot, Orcabot is a larger Dolphinbot variant that has some nice monochrome patterning on it but is just as obnoxious.

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