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Here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you

#1833 Costumebot

A robot in the form of a costume for a small child. A child is wearing it, and it takes the form of a spherical shell that covers their torso, with circular holes for the arms, head and legs (though you can't see these). The child wears a hairband with a spherical bobble on the top, representing the robot's antenna, their arms are the arms, and they're wearing stripy tights to imitate the appearance of banded robot legs. Finally, the costume comes with large, round shoes that look like the hemispherical feet common to most small robots. Both robot and child are smiling widely, and the child is walking along, one foot raised, arms held out, in a common small robot pose.

You won't have to laboriously construct your own small robot costume for your child any more - simply use this actual small robot instead!

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