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Here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you

#1878 Constitutionbot

A full colour image of what is, basically, the starship Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series. It's pale grey, consisting of a saucer-shaped primary hull, connected by an angled stem to a cylindrical drive section, from which protrude two tubular engines, held parallel to the saucer by angled struts. The engines have glowing, reddish tips and the drive section has a concave, metallic, bronze dish at its front with a small antenna in the centre. Atop the saucer section is a domed module that would ordinarily hold the bridge, but which in this instance has a smiling face on it. In the background is an expanse of dark blue space, speckled with stars, with a hazy, fuchsia nebula on the right side of the frame, spinning out gaseous streamers, all twinkling with stars.

Classic heavy cruiser starshipbot design, boldly splitting infinitives where no 'bot has before, ferrying decks and decks of Redshirtbots to their dooms.

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