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Here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you

#1896 Bumperbot

A robot in the form of a fairground bumper car (dodgem), zooming forward, with a curved front, a raised, padded seat and a thick, rubbery bumper around its base. On the back of the robot is a banded antenna that reaches right up above it, like the pole-mounted contact shoe that touches the ceiling on real bumper cars. The spherical end is glowing and throwing off sparks. The robot's face is on the front of the car, and it's grinning menacingly, while its human driver looks absolutely furious, crouching forward, mouth open as if shouting something.

Everyone loves the bumper cars (or 'dodgems', which is confusing because that means exactly the opposite), but one of the problems with them is that they can only go on the bumper car rink thing. Well, not any more.

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